Evil Qbz

Evil Qbz

This is my very first game coding with Lua. At first I was thinking of a first person shooter and I would be able to move forward and backward and look around and it would look all 3-d… Then I realized how difficult that would be. You can still “look around” (left and right). It’s also still a first person shooter. Your goal is to just shoot as many Evil Qbz as you can. There is no menu and there are no instructions. Intructions: Mouse to move target, right click to shoot, Left and Right Arrow Keys to look around, and left click to pause. The music is not mine, it is actually music from Super Hexagon (Great PC and iOS Game), the art is all mine though. Remember, this is my first so it’s not all that great but it’s pretty fun… In my opinion. Enjoy c:

Started: April 14, 2013

Finished: April 24, 2013



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