The Slick Slider


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I felt like making a puzzle game, and this time, a game with levels. I drew each level with small pixels, and in the code I made it get each pixel of the image, enlarged the image, and then put certain blocks based on the color of the pixel at that pixel’s position. Sounds complicated but it’s really simple, basically the blocks are color coded. For example, if a pixel is green, then the block will be a wall.


(turns into)


Really simple when you think about it. Took me about two months to create. I flew to Washington DC for a vacation, about 5 days long. When we got back, my laptop was all messed up and it didn’t end up getting fixed till about 10 days later so I missed out on working on it for about 15 days :c. After it was fixed the first thing I did was work on this. There are 40 levels, and a special mode when you beat the game the first time. It does have joystick support, feel free to use an Xbox Controller if you’d like. Instructions are in the game. Music is all mine, the small music loops I’ve been making get better and better each time so don’t worry. Remember this, every game I make from my last on will always have my own art, music, code and everything else. Best part about this game is… YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN LEVELS!!! Open the readme.txt in the .zip and the instructions tell you the steps. If the game freezes at any point, just open the game again. Enjoy c:

Started: May 1, 2013

Finished: July 8, 2013

square                    slick_slider_record


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