U.C. : Thermophobia


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Started this project on July 8, 2013 (Day after I finished The Slick Slider). I came up with Thermophobia when I was in Washington DC in June. I was walking around the White House and it was absolutely burning and humid out. I was literally moving from tree to tree for shade, anything that had shade I would head towards it. BOOM ._. Idea. “That’s what I’m gonna make!”. The whole idea of this game is to move from shade to shade before death. You have Thermophobia (Real Definition: An abnormal and persistent fear of heat, including hot weather and hot objects.) Your health constantly goes down unless you’re in the shade. If you’re in the shade your health goes up, or if you’re touching something cold like for instance, water. You’re also a mailman so you have to put their mail into their mailboxes. If you miss a mailbox it’s Game Over.

You can see in the first lil screenshot, that moon floating around. That moon is a powerup that makes the day turn into nighttime. Nighttime means it’s dark, the dark means it’s not hot out anymore, therefore your health goes all the way up (limited amount of time of course).


In the second lil screenshot you can see a pair of running shoes floating. I’m pretty sure you can already figure out what this powerup does. This powerup makes you run fast, so it’s much easier to get from shade to shade or the mailboxes without worrying (again, limited amount of time).


At first when I started creating this, I had some trouble with making shade for different objects and it was a mess and very complicated. I kind of stopped for a while because I was confused. I then fixed the problem like right about when (high)school started (Mid-August). I then kept working on it when I had the time, school would get in the way though. But now it’s almost Thanksgiving and this is what I have so far. c:

Started: July 9, 2013

Finished: ???


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