U.C. : Color Hazard



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Got the title for my next game, Color Hazard. I’m going to make this game for Android, it will also be playable on the PC but it’ll be mainly for Android devices. I’ll release Color Hazard for the PC first before Android because it’s a long process that I still haven’t completely figured out yet.

Color Hazard is an Endless Arcade Game set in Space. You are a colorblind Astronaut trying to go deeper than any man has ever gone into space. Only the stars will provide color. You’re going to need lots of gas for this long venture though. There are quick high tech mini gas stations, but there are also duds so be careful. Both look the same though so if you can’t see color, getting gas may be a hazard. Doesn’t sound too bad does it? That’s not all, there are also Asteroids flying left and right so watch out!

I’m not finished yet, I just got to add menus, music, and more ‘juice’ to the game. Although, I am still excited to release this game when it’s complete. I also can’t wait to see a game of mine on the Android Market when the time comes. c:


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