Road Rage


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Road Rage is my fourth entry for Ludum Dare (#30). Ludum Dare is a competition that happens 3 times a year where your goal is to make a game in 48 hours.


The theme was “Connected Worlds”. Road Rage is an endless shooter arcade game. Switch through three lanes, collect money, avoid logs, avoid cones, watch out for flying balls, and shoot your enemies! Little Tip: Shoot the cones to get them out of your way.

Everybody seems to be having a bad day. They’re all taking it out on each other. Maybe they all are… Connected?… (That’s how the theme is incorporated, *laughs*).

Instructions: Up and Down Arrow Keys to switch through lanes, and Z to shoot.

Road Rage is actually my first game made with Processing. This one is personally my favorite entry I’ve made for Ludum Dare. I had a few things to do this weekend so I was surprised I finished making something. Enjoy c:

Started: August 22, 2014

LD Completion: August 24, 2014

Final Completion: September 20, 2014

play                     road_rage_record


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