Ludum Dare 30 Results


Up above are my results for my entry in Ludum Dare 30. Not really ecstatic about it. I think it’s because last Ludum Dare in April, I had great rankings. Last one I was ranked #181 in the fun category out of 2,500 entries, which made me really happy. This time my best ranking was #436 for Humor, but my best ratings were in Graphics. I was kind of surprised that people loved the graphics. Hopefully that means that my art is getting better! You can see that my theme category was horrendous, which makes perfect sense because I didn’t incorporate the theme, Connected Worlds, into the game. Overall I think my ratings are okay and not that bad. I’m thrilled about the ratings I got for Graphics.

Ludum Dare is awesome, and YOU should try it out this December. Ludum Dare 31 starts December 5th and goes through the 8th. I recommend that you check it out, it’s really fun!

I’m going to post the official completion of Road Rage in the next couple of days, and then going back to finish Color Hazard for the PC. Eventually I’ll get Color Hazard out for Android. c:


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