Color Hazard


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Color Hazard is an Endless Flyer and Dodger Game set in Space. You are a colorblind Astronaut trying to go deeper than any man has ever gone into space. Only the stars will provide you color. You’re going to need lots of gas for this long venture though. There are quick high tech mini gas stations, but there are also duds so be careful. Both look the same so if you can’t see color, getting gas may be a hazard. Doesn’t sound too bad does it? That’s not all, there are also Asteroids flying in from all sides so watch out! Enjoy. c:

This game was made with Processing. Originally I was recreating Space Invaders because I was just starting to learn Processing. I then changed the controls so that the ship could move in all directions, not just left and right. In that case, I didn’t have to shoot the enemies, I could just dodge them. It started to be a little fun so I took out the shooting, changed the enemies to asteroids, turned the ship into an astronaut, and made it look like you were in space. I then made the game black and white because I thought it looked pretty cool. But then I added Earth to the background and in color it looked really nice. I liked the black and white aspect but at the same time I enjoyed the color, so I wanted to find a way where I could switch between the black and white and color in the game itself. I wanted the color to be a big part of the game so that’s where I came up with the idea of the colored gas stations that look alike. I wanted the color to be important to the player. When it’s black and white, you don’t know which gas station is working, or is a dud. Therefore, without color, you’re taking a risk.

I still need to figure out how (or even if) I’m going to make Color Hazard for Android. Now that I completed working on the game, I’ll be focusing more on this Android situation. Aside from that, I’ll soon be starting creating a new game! c:

Started: July 13, 2014

Finished: October 13, 2014

color_hazard_play                    color_hazard_record


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