Some Tips For You First Ludum Darers

Got some little tips for you 1st Ludum Darers I want to share. This will be my 6th LD, so these tips are just from my experience.

Making Your Game 

*If you don’t finish making a game, DON’T WORRY because you’re not alone. Also remember, it’s only your first LD.

*GAMEPLAY is what’s important! Yes, good Graphics are nice, good Music is even nicer, but you want Gameplay. When people are having fun playing a game, they’re having fun because the gameplay itself is fun. Graphics, Music, and other things definitely improve your game, but you only have 48-72 hours to create something. Shoot for the gameplay, the first thing you want to do with your game is to create the core mechanics. Make all the Graphics rectangles, and forget about the Sound for now. You don’t even need to turn in your entry with a title screen, splash screen, whatever. Sure, on the last day you can change the graphics, but earlier on just focus on the Gameplay.

*THEME is important, but not as important as you think it is. If you can think of a game idea revolving around the theme in an hour or two, awesome, but if you can’t than just start making a game and then later on you can incorporate the theme. Let’s say the theme sucks (in your opinion), and you can’t think of anything, just start making a top-down shooter (for example) and then when you figure out a way to incorporate the theme, incorporate it.

Post Compo/Jam

*If you haven’t completely finished your game (which is probably the case), try to finish/polish it even though your entry is already in. When you’re done with that, add the link to the Post Compo/Jam version of your game next to the 48/72 hr version so that people can play both of them. Not only does it make you feel better about yourself, but it can also persuade some people to possibly give you better ratings based on your Post Compo/Jam version.

*RATE GAMES! Rate as many games as possible, and give everyone a comment. The more games you rate, the more times your game shows up on the front page. Comments help as well because some people will look at their comments and click on your name to see your game. If you can rate more than about 250 games (which is pretty difficult to do), your game may show up on the Most Coolness page which would be awesome because lots of people visit that page. If you don’t rate any games then just about no one will see your game, so RATE GAMES!

Good Luck to Everyone Participating in LD 32! I got a feeling this one will be great!


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