Frisbee Training


screenshot1   screenshot2

Frisbee Training is my 6th Ludum Dare (#32) Entry. Ludum Dare is a competition that happens 3 times a year where your goal is to make a game in 48 hours.

The theme was “Unconventional Weapon”. Frisbee Training is an Endless Shooter? Launch your Frisbee back and forth to kill your enemies!

You can either play this game by yourself and control both characters, or you can have a friend join you so it’s not as difficult.

Instructions: Arrow Keys to Move/Jump the First Player, WASD to Move/Jump the Second Player, & Spacebar, S, or the Down Key to throw your Frisbee.

Hint: If you jump on the painting, you can get to the top of train. c:

Started: April 17, 2015

LD Completion: April 19, 2015

Final Completion: April 21, 2015

frisbee_training_play                    frisbee_training_record


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