Pixel Dailies


I started participating in Pixel Dailies right about when it first started in August of 2014. Pixel Dailies is an awesome Twitter account that tweets themes daily for you to draw some pixel art based on that theme. I used to do like one pixel daily a week. Then it went on to about twice a month, once a month, once every two months, and then about five months went by without me doing any Pixel Dailies (oh no). This last week I did five of them. So I’m going to try to do as many as I can now. My goal is to “showcase” all the PD’s (Pixel Dailies) I’ve done in the last week, every week.

The image above includes my favorite 9 (out of 19) PD’s I’ve done. And the last four in the image were part of the five I did this last week.


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