Untitled Year Long Game


As you may know by now, I am planning to work on a big game for just about a year. My plan is to submit to IndieCade (indie game festival) by May of 2016. This game will be sort of be like, Splosion Man, Metal Slug, Super Mario, Super Meat Boy, and other platformers similar to those. When I make games I usually just go with the flow and do what I want to do whenever, but for a year long game like this that shouldn’t be the case. I need to have a plan. How many worlds will there be? How many levels will there be? Will there be bosses at the end of each world? Is there a story? What’s the goal? I need to have these questions answered, and I need to have an overall plan. I still haven’t settled on a title yet, mostly because I don’t know the story or the player’s goal yet.

I will post updates on where I’m at as I make progress, and I will update this post as that happens. c:


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