Drawing Banner for an RPG

About 10 days ago, I stumbled across a tweet saying “We need an artist to help with our game logo!” by @NorsewareOrg. I saw the tweet and thought why not. So I contacted them, directed them to my website, and they accepted me to make their game logo, which is actually just a banner for their game.

The game they’re (Norseware) currently working on is called: The Quest For NES. It’s an RPG, similar to The Legend of Zelda, and it’s filled with RPG Clichés. Here are a couple of screenshots from the game.



They wanted me to make the banner almost the exact same as The Legend of Zelda’s. So here’s Zelda’s Banner.


And here’s my progress so far. There’s not going to be a sword, we’re not sure what will substitute for the Yellow Triangle in the background just yet, and the background is going to be slightly different.new_words

So that’s what I’ve been working on recently. Will probably finish soon. I’ll show you the final thing when I’m all done. Hopefully I can find more Freelance Work to do in the near future. c:


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