About Me: My name is Noah Lema.

I started coding with Lua on April 1st of 2013. I used an awesome Lua Framework called, LÖVE. Then in the summer of 2014, I moved on to Processing, which is a very simple Programming Language (similar to Java). I then successfully created my first game for the Android Market/Google Play Store using Processing, on the first day of 2015. Then I moved on to JavaScript to make games on the web in the spring of 2015. Just recently (April, 2016), I’ve been learning GameMaker. And I don’t just make games, I also make Pixel Art, and Music.

I love Games, Music, Pixel Art, and being Entertained. But most of all, I love Entertaining.

Hobbies: I develop games, I make Pixel Art, I make Music, and I enjoy running. c:

My Goal for this year, 2016:

My goal this year is to either make a game for the iOS App Store, Windows Store, or on Steam. All these things can be done with only one game, but I hope to accomplish these goals with more than one.

Thanks for reading, and checking out my blog! I really appreciate it! c:


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