Arc – IndieCade 2016 Trailer


Arc – Gameplay Trailer

Make sure to check it out! As shown in the video above, I recently added Three Different Types of Difficulties for Classic Mode. c:

*Update: This is a trailer for the old version of the game, stay tuned for even more updates!

Gameplay Trailer – One Legged Jonny

Made a Gamplay Trailer for my latest game, One Legged Jonny. Enjoy c:

I am currently learning Processing¬†(programming language, similar to Java). Processing is really simple, I am learning it very fast (faster than I expected). My plan is to publish a game to the App Store in the next couple of months. Spunk Spelunk for iOS is just something I want to get done by the end of the year but I’ll already have a game in the App Store before¬†that happens. I’ll also have a game out after Ludum Dare in August, so don’t expect nothing from me in the next couple of months. c: