Color Hazard


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Color Hazard is an Endless Flyer and Dodger Game set in Space. You are a colorblind Astronaut trying to go deeper than any man has ever gone into space. Only the stars will provide you color. You’re going to need lots of gas for this long venture though. There are quick high tech mini gas stations, but there are also duds so be careful. Both look the same so if you can’t see color, getting gas may be a hazard. Doesn’t sound too bad does it? That’s not all, there are also Asteroids flying in from all sides so watch out! Enjoy. c:

This game was made with Processing. Originally I was recreating Space Invaders because I was just starting to learn Processing. I then changed the controls so that the ship could move in all directions, not just left and right. In that case, I didn’t have to shoot the enemies, I could just dodge them. It started to be a little fun so I took out the shooting, changed the enemies to asteroids, turned the ship into an astronaut, and made it look like you were in space. I then made the game black and white because I thought it looked pretty cool. But then I added Earth to the background and in color it looked really nice. I liked the black and white aspect but at the same time I enjoyed the color, so I wanted to find a way where I could switch between the black and white and color in the game itself. I wanted the color to be a big part of the game so that’s where I came up with the idea of the colored gas stations that look alike. I wanted the color to be important to the player. When it’s black and white, you don’t know which gas station is working, or is a dud. Therefore, without color, you’re taking a risk.

I still need to figure out how (or even if) I’m going to make Color Hazard for Android. Now that I completed working on the game, I’ll be focusing more on this Android situation. Aside from that, I’ll soon be starting creating a new game! c:

Started: July 13, 2014

Finished: October 13, 2014

color_hazard_play                    color_hazard_record


Road Rage


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Road Rage is my fourth entry for Ludum Dare (#30). Ludum Dare is a competition that happens 3 times a year where your goal is to make a game in 48 hours.


The theme was “Connected Worlds”. Road Rage is an endless shooter arcade game. Switch through three lanes, collect money, avoid logs, avoid cones, watch out for flying balls, and shoot your enemies! Little Tip: Shoot the cones to get them out of your way.

Everybody seems to be having a bad day. They’re all taking it out on each other. Maybe they all are… Connected?… (That’s how the theme is incorporated, *laughs*).

Instructions: Up and Down Arrow Keys to switch through lanes, and Z to shoot.

Road Rage is actually my first game made with Processing. This one is personally my favorite entry I’ve made for Ludum Dare. I had a few things to do this weekend so I was surprised I finished making something. Enjoy c:

Started: August 22, 2014

LD Completion: August 24, 2014

Final Completion: September 20, 2014

play                     road_rage_record

One Legged Jonny


One Legged Jonny started from my second entry for Ludum Dare. Ludum Dare is a competition that happens 3 times a year where your goal is to make a game in 48 hours.


The theme was “You Only Get One” (YOGO). I personally think my entry wasn’t that great. All there was was a single turret that would lock you on target and shoot out missiles. For the YOGO theme I gave the main character just one leg. And you essentially only have one life, one strike from an enemy and you’re dead. You can click the image above to see my entry.

Instructions are in the pause menu.

The entry wasn’t a full game and there wasn’t a goal. Even after Ludum Dare when I kept working on it I still couldn’t develop a goal for the game. Therefore, I left One Legged Jonny on the side for a little bit. That’s when I participated in LD29 and then soon after finished Thermophobia. I got into a really good habit of adding more ‘juice’ this time. I have a short story at the beginning, instructions in game, options, highscores, and more music.

One Legged Jonny is an endless shoot em up game. Kill and survive for score. Shoot turrets, avoid missiles, avoid pikes, kill dragonflies, watch out for lasers and laser beams, go in slow motion, pick up a shield, get a railgun, and don’t get caught in the waterfall! (In my opinion, this is my best game yet) Enjoy c:

Started: December 13, 2013

Finished: June 11, 2014



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Woo! Finally! Thermophobia is done! Thermophobia is a game about a mailman who has Thermophobia (an abnormal fear of heat). Send the mail and survive. Go to the shade, stand in water, get ice cream, get a fan, avoid the clinging mud, watch out for cars, and don’t step on broken glass bottles!

Instructions: Arrow keys to move, spacebar to stand, and p to pause.

I got the idea of Thermophobia when I was in Washington D.C. It was super hot and humid and I was moving from shade to shade because I couldn’t stand the heat. I started this on July 9, 2013, it’s been almost 10 months. 10 months is a long time, I think it should’ve been a lot shorter. It really was mostly school that got in the way, I also did some new things I haven’t learned yet in Thermophobia so it took me a while. I also got interrupted with One Legged Jonny for Ludum Dare in August. The 10 months went by really fast though. So I guess Thermophobia’s anniversary will be the same day as Dye’s. I finished Dye on April 30th, 2013 for my first Ludum Dare entry. Well, enjoy! c:

Started: July 9, 2013

Finished: April 30, 2014

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Spunk Spelunk


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Spunk Spelunk is my third entry for Ludum DareLudum Dare is a competition that happens 3 times a year where your goal is to make a game in 48 hours.


The theme was “Beneath the Surface”. I made a game where you are essentially spelunking and you have to avoid different obstacles, it’s endless so just last as long as you can. Collect diamonds, kill bats, watch out for shrooms, and don’t melt in lava!

Instructions: Arrow keys to move up and down, left and right arrow keys to jump/swing, z to shoot, p to pause, and of course p to play at the menu.

This is by far my best Ludum Dare entry. I was happy with what I got in 48 hours. All the entry was missing was music and one little thing but that was it. I worked just around 30+ hours in 48 hours. Check out Thermophobia too! Well, Enjoy c:

Started: April 25, 2014

(Thought I) Finished: April 29, 2014

Updated: May 13, 2014

Untitled                    spunk_spelunk_record

The Slick Slider


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I felt like making a puzzle game, and this time, a game with levels. I drew each level with small pixels, and in the code I made it get each pixel of the image, enlarged the image, and then put certain blocks based on the color of the pixel at that pixel’s position. Sounds complicated but it’s really simple, basically the blocks are color coded. For example, if a pixel is green, then the block will be a wall.


(turns into)


Really simple when you think about it. Took me about two months to create. I flew to Washington DC for a vacation, about 5 days long. When we got back, my laptop was all messed up and it didn’t end up getting fixed till about 10 days later so I missed out on working on it for about 15 days :c. After it was fixed the first thing I did was work on this. There are 40 levels, and a special mode when you beat the game the first time. It does have joystick support, feel free to use an Xbox Controller if you’d like. Instructions are in the game. Music is all mine, the small music loops I’ve been making get better and better each time so don’t worry. Remember this, every game I make from my last on will always have my own art, music, code and everything else. Best part about this game is… YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN LEVELS!!! Open the readme.txt in the .zip and the instructions tell you the steps. If the game freezes at any point, just open the game again. Enjoy c:

Started: May 1, 2013

Finished: July 8, 2013

square                    slick_slider_record



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Dye was my first entry for Ludum Dare. Ludum Dare is a competition that happens 3 times a year where your goal is to make a game in 48 hours.


The theme was Minimalism, so I made a simple endless runner (and gunner). Made simple shapes and just about everything was the color green, fit the theme very well. I didn’t end up finishing in two days though, but two days after that I finished. My entry was just about halfway done. It’s a very simple game, only made in 4-5 days. My First game I didn’t make my own music but this time it had to be real, so I did. By the way, Instructions are in the game. The game does have Joystick support, feel free to use your Xbox Controller. Down below is the link to my entry on the site. The second link “(Dye)” is the official completed one. Enjoy c:

(Ludum Dare Entry)

Started: April 26, 2013

Finished: April 30, 2013