Her Romeo


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Her Romeo is just a short puzzle game based on Romeo and Juliet. Collect the roses, jump in sinkholes, blow up walls, and other things to get to Romeo. This game has been made for a school project. We were supposed to do a creative project revolving around Romeo and Juliet so I decided to do something creative, like make a game. And yes, it is exactly like The Slick Slider. It still took some time though because I had to change the graphics, quotes, and I added different things. The soundtrack is just from all my previous games so no new music. There are only 25 levels because I didn’t want to make it super long, after all it is a school project. You can skim through the levels with the + or – key. In this, I summarize each Act of the play every 5 levels. So essentially you’re playing through Romeo and Juliet’s story. For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and Her Romeo.