Screenshot Saturday: Ludum Dare 35


Time Machine House will be drawn later. Just got to draw the running animation, more combat, more dinos, and more backgrounds. Then I’ll get to making a real level. c:


Screenshot Saturday: Blind Mode


Working on Blind Mode for Arc. In this mode you can’t see any of the arcs surrounding you, so then how do you know where to go? A voice guides you (i.e.: “left”, “right”, etc.). c:

Click here to see a short video.

Screenshot Saturday: Ludum Dare 34


Ludum Dare is this weekend, it started at 6:00 pm last night. This will be my 8th time participating. Here’s my 25 and a half hour mark!

I’m making a very simple minimalistic classic arcade-like game, with spinning arcs. The last thing I did was add the shadows and add Power Ups/Power Downs. The Power Ups/Downs are: Grow, Shrink Arcs, Shake, Slow Down, and Bounce Back.

Anyway, I got about 24 hours left to go. Wish me luck! c:

Screenshot Saturday: Shocking


Made a little animation for the player when he gets shocked.

I haven’t touched this project in 3 and a half months, makes me sad. I’ve been so busy with school and sports. Although for the next 6 weeks I won’t have any sports, so I should be able to get more stuff done. I’ll still have homework to do but I’ll try to find more time to work on my stuff. c: