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Arc 1.0


Arc is a Challenging yet Simple, Classic, ARCade Game. Escape from your Arc before it closes on you, for score! But make your moves wisely, because you don’t want to crash into another Arc! c:

(Arc is a Ludum Dare Inspired Game)

Started: December 11, 2015

Officially Released: March 31, 2016

arc_play                    arc_record

Arc 0.5


Made a lot of improvements to Arc (LD 34 Inspired Game) these last couple of weeks. Menu navigation is better, the Progression for Classic Mode is improved (everything’s faster), Ability to Unlock Classic Difficulties, Spectate Mode, where you just watch the game play by itself, and saved highscores! Be sure to check it out! c:

What’s next: More Juice in Classic Mode, Blind Mode, Nucleus Mode (?), Port to Mobile, and some more stuff I’ll think of along the way. c:

If you don’t know what Blind Mode or Nucleus Mode is, you can find them in my recent posts.

Started: December 11, 2015

Last Updated: March 24, 2016

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Arc 0.4


Made some huge improvements on Arc (LD 34 Inspired Game) this weekend. Made the menus a little prettier and finally got PROGRESSION. So it starts slow, and gets faster the further you go. This means that at some point the hard mode turns into the harder mode, which then turns into the hardest mode. And the different difficulties are classified as: Agony, Rage, and Crazy (ARC). Be sure to check it out! c:

What’s next: Leaderboards, New (Nucleus) Mode, Locked Game Modes with Ability to UnlockPort to Mobile, and some more stuff I’ll think of along the way. c:

For now, Leaderboards are the comments!

Started: December 11, 2015

Updated: February 16, 2016

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Arc 0.3



Made some Major changes to my Ludum Dare-Inspired Game, Arc, this weekend.

Bigger Game Window, New Colors, No More Shadows (keeping it simple), New Power Ups/Power Downs– Basically everything just looks much, much better! Be sure to check it out!

I still want to change the Game Over Screens, Add Progression throughout Classic Mode so it gets harder as you go on, add More/New Music, Leaderboards, and I actually want to add a whole new mode to the game. I will constantly be updating it, so stay tuned.

And this is probably the most fun I’ve ever had working on a game, so I’m very excited. c:

Started: December 11, 2015

Updated: January 11, 2015

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Hey just wanted to let you guys know on what I’m currently working on. I now got rotation and trails added to the Asteroids. Now I’m going to add buttons and menus (as you can see, there’s the pause button in the top right corner). This Android Emulator still won’t work for me, it turns out that the emulator won’t work with the most recent version of Processing for some reason (that’s what I read on the forums anyway). So I’m just going to attempt to make my game work on a borrowed Android device. School (My Sophomore Year) is about to start in a few days so I really want to finish all these things before I get distracted with lots of homework. Thanks for reading this! c: