Ludum Dare 38


This is my 11th Ludum Dare. I told myself and others (many times) that I wasn’t going to be doing Ludum Dare this weekend due to all of the other projects I have under my belt, but the more I saw people getting prepared and excited for the event, I just couldn’t pass it up. It wasn’t till very late at night on Friday that I decided I was going to do it. My last LD was STEREOJO, a puzzle platformer, which I am still pursuing at the moment! This LD’s theme was: A Small World.

Asymmetry is a top-down shoot-em-up game, with something a little special added to it. Check it out! c:

Happy 4th Anniversary c: Games

Exactly 4 years ago, I started making games!

On April 1, 2013 I got introduced to LÖVE, a Lua based framework. That was the day I became a creator.

Within the last 4 years, I have made: 15 Games (one being in the Android Market), over 85 Songs (29 of them being in online stores such as iTunes), an Original 16-Song Soundtrack for a game called Mutant Chicken coming to Steam 2017, and an online community for aspiring musicians called MusicWeeklies!

I will not stop creating creative content. c: