Hey just wanted to let you guys know on what I’m currently working on. I now got rotation and trails added to the Asteroids. Now I’m going to add buttons and menus (as you can see, there’s the pause button in the top right corner). This Android Emulator still won’t work for me, it turns out that the emulator won’t work with the most recent version of Processing for some reason (that’s what I read on the forums anyway). So I’m just going to attempt to make my game work on a borrowed Android device. School (My Sophomore Year) is about to start in a few days so I really want to finish all these things before I get distracted with lots of homework. Thanks for reading this! c:


Game Over

I finally made a Game Over screen for Thermophobia. I’ve added different little funny stories on what happened to a family because they didn’t receive their mail projected on the game over screen. The story is always random at the end, there’s 10 different ones. This is just an example, “Family of 5 didn’t receive their bill. Government took their house, now they’re living on the street scouting for food.” As you can see in the top right corner, I’ve added a little anxiety bar. Whenever you miss one mailbox your anxiety gets higher and the closer you are to having an anxiety attack. So when you get an anxiety attack, you die and then it’s Game Over.